Posted by: Arthur337 | November 19, 2008

Exchange to above Cayuga’s Waters

Whew! What a weekend. Two Cornell friends came over from HK, so I drove them all over to visit the typical tourist spots. And that is just two weeks after another Cornell friend from Singapore dropped by for a visit.

Dang, I think I drove more this month than the rest of the year combined.

img_32581It ain’t no tourist photo until you do the Asian “Peace” sign

So far after 2 years graduating from Cornell, I have received 3 visits from Cornellians. All of them were exchange students to Cornell from Singapore and Hong Kong.

I found this surprising. Were I so much closer to exchange student friends who I got to know at Cornell for just a semester, as compared to other friends who actually studied at Cornell with me for 4 years?

I guess the most likely answer is due to geographical reason. Hong Kong and Singapore are very close to Malaysia, so it is a convenient destination for a short holiday of 3-5 days. Most of my non-exchange student Cornell friends live, work or still studying in America. Therefore flying half the globe to visit Malaysia, which happens to be not famous for anything particular, might require more planning.

However I have to admit that, especially the final few semesters at Cornell, I spent more time with the exchange students. Semester after semester, both Spring and Fall semester, I met new groups of exchange students. They were always in the spirit of having fun and trying out new things during their short semester at Cornell, as compared to other Cornellian friends who were busy studying hard for exams or looking for jobs. Not to mention the exchange students were less grumpy about the awful weather or the impossible prelims or that (sh)Ithaca is in the middle of nowhere.

One time I remember during the exam week, a thick layer of snow accumulated on the ground after a snowstorm. At 2am, I went around the dorm looking for people to go out sledding (or traying) down the slope. Most of them refused to go out, citing the need to study for their exams.

In the end, guess who I was playing with in the snow at 3am in the morning? The carefree exchange students!


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