Posted by: Arthur337 | January 26, 2009

The Fall Cinematography

Motion pictures is such a strange thing. Like any other fields of art such as literature or paintings, great work does not necessary translate to recognition and success. Luck plays a major role in defining the public response to it.

When I first watched Slumdog Millionaire, none has ever heard of it. Very few cinemas were showing it. In fact, how I happened to pick that movie and watch it in the first place was absolutely out of chance. When I tried to recommend the movie to some friends, very few were eager to watch it, probably because the name of the movie sounds corny, as one commented. Only after the surprising Golden Globe awards sweep, followed by a torrent of Oscar nominations that put this movie into premier limelight.

And so yesterday, again watching yet another virtually unknown film, I discovered this masterpiece. The movie was The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh. If you like art and cinematography, while enjoying simple children epic adventure story telling, I would recommend this film for you. Here are some screenshots that display the boldness of artistic elements in the film.








  1. […] other opening credits that I could remember and like were The Fall, which I blogged earlier this year. The other was Juno with tasteful drawn animated of suburb […]

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